Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Your Morning Creation Station

Did you realize that during exercise the part of your brain that links into your imagination and creative energy is more receptive than ever? Your gym time, particularly steady cardio, is one of the best times to think about, define and outline what you want: what you want for your body, for your relationships, for your families, and for your future.

I've been working out for a long time, but it has only been until the last several years that I have really taken advantage of what is happening physiologically with my brain during this golden time. These days my morning cardio time is my personal "creation station." It's when I think through my day as I would like it to be.

If I have a meeting or something going on that is important, I visualize how I want it to go. Or, I visualize what I specifically want to accomplish during each daily task, and I specifically focus on how I want to FEEL about each situation when it is over. If there is a particular concern that has been bugging me, I imagine how I would most want that situation resolved. At times it is as simple as needing to find something at the store, or locating something that is lost. I visualize finding what I need effortlessly.

At this point, when my mind is focused and clear about what I want, I say a prayer in my mind. Right then and there on a machine or during a run, I ASK for help in creating "physically" the things that I have been "creating spiritually." This doesn't need to be a formal thing. God will hear you. The universe will hear your intention. Angels will help you. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, ask for help in faith. Be specific with what you need--you have already "visualized" it, so you are now asking the most creative power in the universe to partner with you! As you start small and see things begin to unfold for you, your faith will grow. It will become easier to ask for really big things as you see the small miracles that are taking place in your life. Life can be easier and there is more help available to you than you ever thought possible. Several of the guided workouts at are designed to help you float right through this process.

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